“Founded by Matt Gill against the auspicious backdrop of Nottingham Trent University, where he is a lecturer, it shines with conversations with independent publishers that provide a candid insight into the ups and downs of magazine making”

“With brass fastens and pages of different sizes, its playful design hides surprises on every page, bringing you an engaging, absorbing reading experience.”

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Raw Print Celebrate Magazines in Monthly Seminars


Kimberley Bond


Video: Talking about Stack’s Student Magazine of the Year


It’s this interest in how magazines are manufactured that influenced him to start Raw Print back in 2010. “I’m a lecturer at NTU in fashion communication and promotion. Six years ago, we did a change of direction for the course with a move for students to create their own zine project.”

The first year of Raw Print talks started in September 2014, running over the academic year. Hugely popular, with most seminars selling out, its success brought about the idea of Metazine. The Metazine – a magazine about magazines – expands on the subjects addressed by the Raw Print speakers, archiving the seminar content and building on it.

Metazine was designed by Craig Proud and Benjamin Kay of Dizzy Ink, Nottingham Trent alumni, and regulars at the Raw Print talks. The pair met Matt in the summer, and settled on giving the magazine its image. “Because it’s for Raw Print, we wanted Metazine to have the same raw feel,” Craig explains. “Each issue is cut individually and hand-bound, so a lot of work went into it”