Raw Print

Matt Gill - Founder of Raw Print 
Artist - Superfreak

Zines are small-scale, self-published, publications. Zines offer complete creative freedom. There are no expectations and no rules when it comes to ‘zine-ing’; the power lies solely with the creator. There are common threads running through zines: such as identity, body image…(mental) illness, race, sexuality, violence, and (trans)gender’ themes. Zines counteract the rise of social media amongst young people, with their tangible form and swapping/sharing culture inherently facilitating face-to-face interaction. Many ‘Zinesters’ identify the practice of zine-making as a self-care tool.

Raw Print is:
- An Archive of zines and magazines at NTU
- Events / Live Lectures 
- Student Magazine / Zine and other publishing/print projects
- Part of Notts Zine Library & Notts Zine Fair
Publishing projects such as RIP Zine, Metazine and Sculptorvox

Rip Zine