Caboodle makes up half of the exciting line-up for our first event of the academic year. A bi-annual magazine, Caboodle is filled with beautiful photography and illustrations along with exciting editorials and features. It's colourful and fun pages are reflected in tone of voice, with a sense of humour and optimistic nature. Editor Kayti Peschke will be talking us through it's strong focus on showcasing the work of talented creatives and designer-makers from around the world, with a kindhearted and encouraging ethos.



A motorcycle magazine with a fanzine attitude, Sideburn has been grown out of love of flat track racing and the aesthetics of the sport. The magazine produces four issues a year, and covers topics from cult movies to road trips, off-road adventures, art and photography. As well as the magazine, Sideburn is quickly turning into a craze of its own; making merchandise, clothing, art prints, and collaborating with other brands. Creator Gary Inman will be with us to delve into the Sideburn subculture and talk us through it's carefully thought out pages.

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Riposte prides itself on being a smart magazine for women. Profiling bold and fascinating women whose achievements speak for themselves, their interviews are honest rather than being full of media trained responses. The magazine is full of essays and features covering a broad range of issues including art, design, music, business, innovation, politics, food and travel. Riposte was nominated for the Design Museum, Designs of the Year Award and was awarded a gold European Design Award.

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