2nd may 2018


Sarah Qudsia & Sarah Lawrence will be joining us from Bohemia; a magazine dedicated towards intersectional feminists and free expression. Boshemia strive to cultivate an energized and engaged community of feminists who share pop culture, politics, reviews, critiques, and personal essays, working to share diverse stories and bold voices that challenge misconceptions and present new perspectives in our ever-evolving, undeniably gendered world. Boshemia invites these diverse voices to write their own identities.

Essential Journal 

Thomas Sumner will be talking about The Essential Journal - a dedicated companion for the well kept man. Providing the reader with the very best in exclusive high end fashion, culture and lifestyle through feature articles from a wide range of committed and highly experienced writers targeting some of the most essential topics that every flourishing gentleman must only admire and no doubt will soon became obsessed with.

Om Nom

Helena Murphy & Ben McCabe want to share what it means to eat better; from sourcing ingredients and shopping locally to experimenting with new recipes and embracing a cruelty-free diet. Talking to us about their magazine Om Nom, their ethos when it comes to good food is simplicity, seasonality and community.