Beneficial Shock


Beneficial Shock! is a new bi-annual magazine for film lovers and design enthusiasts, with accompanying screen based motion features that will champion progressive thinking from contemporary illustrators, graphic designers and photographers. Rather than your standard film magazine full of reviews, celebrity news and press images, Beneficial Shock! aims to use illustration, visual documentation and design in humorous and irreverent ways to expressively interpret film related content. In short, film is just the beginning. Emma Mills talked us through the magazine and all of its wacky yet wonderful design. Visit their website here.

Paul Gorman - The Face

Paul Gorman is a London-based writer, who began his career in magazine journalism in 1978 with his work appearing in many of the world’s leading publications. Launched in 1980, The Face magazine was published by Nick Logan - the editor of the NME during its ’70s glory years, and the man who also founded Smash Hits, Arena, Arena Homme Plus, Frank and Deluxe. Gorman brought news on the dizzying developments of popular culture for two decades in The Face, and is currently a contributor to GQ and Mushpit.

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Nin Magazine


Nin is a printed magazine of erotic art, created to sharpen the senses and demystify eroticism through images and words. Created by two women and printed in both English and Portuguese, Nin presents in its bilingual editions personal and ample visions of collaborators of the world on the body, nudity and sexuality, combining elegance, humor, naturalness and delicacy. Visit the website here.


WeMove magazine works to connect innovators and influencers and inspire and nurture the act of movement. Working in the fields of sport, nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing, WeMove shares insights from elite and creative athletes to explore the way we move and live and also why. Move your body. Nourish your self. Equip your mind.

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Positive News

Positive News was originally printed as a newspaper, becoming fully established in 1993 with an aim to report on inspirational issues and examine society’s challenges through a lens of progress and possibility. Progressing from being distributed for free, Positive News has created its own independent publication, with a move away from classic newsprint to glossy editorial for your coffee table.

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The Outpost

The Outpost was launched in 2012, and attempts to capture the energies of a changing region. The magazine describes itself as being ambitious, multidisciplinary and forward-looking, whilst working towards catalyzing a socio- cultural transformation in the Arab region by exploring and tapping into possibilities of positive change of possibilities in the Arab world. It aims to shift perspectives and inspire action, and is published from Beirut, Lebanon, and distributed worldwide.

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Hop and Barley

Hop & Barley is 108 full-colour pages of beer tastiness, and was launched to satisfy both brewers and drinkers alike. The design-conscious bi-monthly publication presents features from across the UK brewing industry, reviewing and investigating into the beer brewing world.

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Cranked is a celebration of all that’s great about mountain biking, acting as a digital detox for readers. The team behind Cranked includes some of the most experienced writers and photographers in mountain biking, including Seb Rogersand Jonathan Bacon. Cranked works on featuring the stories that other mags don’t have the time, space or resources to cover.

“It’s intentionally different.”

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Lodestars Anthology is an independent magazine-meets-journal for curious travellers who long to be inspired. The magazine works on getting to the heart of a location and uncovering its quirks, charm and splendour, combining creativity, travel and exploration at your coffee table. The first issue on England launched in 2014 and has since been followed by issues on Scotland, Australia, Italy, Sweden and most recently Japan.

“Pack a bag, hit the road and embrace your wanderlust.”

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Icon is one of the world’s leading architecture and design magazines, interviewing exciting architects and designers and visiting the best new buildings. Through analysing the most interesting new cultural movements and technologies, and reviewing an eclectic range of exhibitions, books, products and films, Icon shows you exactly what’s happening in architecture and design today, and what it means for the future. 

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